Jacky Davis

Welcome to Kidztalk

Kidztalk is run by Jacky Davis.

It was set up in October 2002 to provide young voices aged 4-24 years for radio and TV commercials, documentaries, foreign language projects and radio drama. Many of the cvo’s have been voicing for over 4 years.

The children all work at our recording studio via ISDN, providing links to production houses all over the world. Many of them also work in London studios.

The service we provide is very unique. The cvo’s, especially the younger ones, are used to being directed by us and we work alongside the producer during the recording session to get the very best read possible from the child.

The younger children are local to our studio and attend ordinary day schools. Many of them participate in after school/weekend performing arts classes. The children are available from 4pm during term time and daily throughout the school holidays.

Most of the 16+ voices are full time students at Laine Theatre Arts just 15 minutes away. These students come from all parts of the country enabling us to provide many ‘native’ regional accents. The students are also trained singers. We have an excellent working relationship with Laine Theatre Arts. The students are available throughout the day at short notice.

Our older ‘voices’ are all professional actor/voice-overs…plus a film director!